Hook in An Essay – How To Use A Hook To Craft A Winning Essay

Hook in An Essay – How To Use A Hook To Craft A Winning Essay

Hooks in an essay are important because they allow the writer to grab the attention of the reader quickly and easily so they continue reading on to the end of the essay. A hook is generally an introduction statement (also the first line) in an essay which attempts to capture the reader’s attention immediately so they continue reading i need help writing my college admissions essay to the end. It can also be achieved simply by use of a quote, popular fact, or even anecdotes.

An example of a hook in an essay would be something like this: “There were three teenagers who attended the same school. They promised to give their first dance together on April Fool’s day.” What is going to happen with essay writing assignment help this example is that the audience is going to immediately identify with the words, “three teenagers” and the way in which they say them. This immediately captures the attention of the audience so they are motivated to follow the rest of the essay.

The second step to making this work in your essay is to make sure that you actually say the words as well. If you aren’t catching the audience’s eye, it is important that you use a descriptive word or phrase that isn’t too general. For instance, instead of saying, “The three teenagers made a promise to give their first dance together on April Fool’s day,” it would be more appropriate to say, “The three teenagers promised to give their first dance together on April Fools day.” This makes it less generic and more specific to the audience.

The third step to writing a hook sentence in your essay is to create a big bold statement that draws the reader’s attention immediately. The problem is that many students are content to simply let a statistical fact sink their line of thought. While this may draw attention, what is often forgotten is the fact that you need to back up this bold statement with some supporting evidence. In most cases, you want to start by citing a source that backs help with essay writing up the bold statement. This can be a secondary source, if the primary source is fairly defensible, but in order for your essay to be considered solid it must be supported by at least three cited sources.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not simply paste any literary quote that you like into an essay. In most cases help in writing an essay, it is best to use it as a link to another part of your essay. For instance, if you want to show the importance of keeping an eye on statistics in your essay, you would most likely want to include a literary quote about statistics in the body of the essay. However, if you simply cannot find a literary quote that fits the bill, then you might consider drawing attention to a famous quote by someone important to you such as your parents, a family friend or a former significant other. In fact, you could even end up using more than one quote and weaving them together into a coherent argument. Just make sure that your audience is able to follow essay writing help for high school students the argument that you are trying to make in your essay.

Hooks in essays are very powerful. They can make your entire essay stand apart from the rest and they do not have to be extremely complicated to be effective. As long as you provide adequate support for your claims and as long as you avoid blatantly plagiarizing someone else’s work, you should have no trouble providing good hooks in your essays. Good luck!